How to Tie Fabulous Silk Scarves For a Funky High Fashion Look

Perhaps because silk scarves have been around for so many years, it might be tempting to think of them as being an old woman’s accessory. It is not so much the scarf itself, however, that determines whether your look is a classic one or one of high fashion, so much as the way that you wear it. If you are looking to make a really trendy fashion statement, therefore, or are after a great young look which is fresh and vibrant, here are just a few of the ways that you can wear your fabulous hand painted scarf to the very best effect.

1. One particularly striking fashion statement for the younger generation which provides a very individualistic look can be achieved by wearing a long silk scarf like a tie. Many young women love wearing even men’s ties, but of course these can be very limited in terms of the ways that they can be worn. Women’s silk scarves, on the other hand, have the benefit of being able to be worn in a wide variety of ways, not just about the person, but also to decorate bags and hats. Depending upon whether you want to create an impression of greater height or not, you can either wear the knot of the scarf further away from the neck or more tightly.

2. Square silk scarves are great for creating several young and fashionable looks. For one of these, simply fold your scarf in half across the diagonal, hold two of the corners of the triangle one in each hand and twist the ends once. Then, wrap the scarf around the back of the neck and tie loosely to one side.

3. Another great look with a square scarf which is especially good for the colder, winter months starts in just the same way as at 2. above. This time though, the main part of the fabric is placed to the front of the neck and the two corners of the triangle are taken to the back, crossed over and brought to the front again where they are tied loosely in a double knot. Silk scarves are ideal for styles such as this because the fine fabric does not leave large, bulky knots.

4. Silk scarves, of course, don’t just look great when they are worn around the neck and, when used on the head, they can make a particularly trendy fashion statement which is great for those bad hair days. Again, take a square silk scarf and fold it across the diagonal. Place the triangle of fabric across the top of the head so that the long edge is flush against the forehead. Pass the two front corners of the triangle to the back of the head over the top of the remaining fabric and tie. You can either leave the trailing ends to hang down your back or move them to the sides so that they lie across the shoulder.